Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegal
Spike Spiegel full 1166497.jpg
Spike as he appears in the anime.
Character Information
Appearance Fluffy green hair, amber eyes, blue suit
Also Known As Swimming Bird, Flying Cow, Gliding Pig, etc
Species Human
Place of Origin Mars
First Appearance Asteroid Blues

Spike Spiegel is the main protagonist of both the anime and the manga series of Cowboy Bebop. He travels space in his spaceship, the Bebop, with Jet, Faye, Ein and Edward. He is a bounty hunter. His home planet is located on Mars. Spike debuts in the first episode, Asteroid Blues.

[edit] Appearance

He is thin and tall, with fluffy dark green hair and brown eyes with a red tint. One of his eyes is artificial, and as a consequence lighter than the other eye. He usually wears a blue suit on top of a yellow shirt. On his feet he wears black boots, and he is stereotypically seen smoking a cigarette.

[edit] Personality

Spike is very brave and acts quickly despite also being somewhat laid-back. He is kind to the other members of the Bebop, and he is good friends, or becomes good friends with, with all of them. He is confident, and he is also smart. He is able to think of many strategies, and he normally knows what he needs to do to arrest one of crime. He is also sometimes comedic.

[edit] Likes and Dislikes

In Jamming with Edward, Spike reveals to Jet that the three main things that he hates are pets, kids, and women with attitudes. He then comments that all three of those are on the Bebop. The pet he is referring to is Ein, the kid he is referring to is Edward, and the woman he is referring to is Faye.

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