Session 14: Bohemian Rhapsody

In the beginning, Spike, Jet, and Faye capture three suspicious characters and obtain chess-like pieces from them. Meanwhile, Ed and Ein are still on the Bebop tending to other things. The three bounty hunters return and Ed asks what they found. They all say that there isn't much information, so Edward asks if they found and clues or leads to what's going on. All three of them reveal their chess pieces. Jet meets up with a secret group that have access to the gate and secretly messed up a part of it. Meanwhile, another bounty hunter named John appears and follows Jet. Ed figures out that the chess pieces are used to play virtual chess and plays against a very skilled opponent. While Jet is looking for other clues, Faye and Spike discover that the one they're looking for goes by the name of Chessmaster Hex, an old man that other bounty hunters believe to be ninety-eight years old. It is unknown how many Hex is worth. He is a very skilled chess player, and Ed reveals that she has been playing against the man the entire time. Jet finds out the whereabouts of the man, and they infiltrate his base, finding him playing chess against Ed still. The three find that he causes the error in the gates in the past, but he can't remember his plan that was to take place decades later. Jet knows about the secret gate organization and says he'll keep it a secret if the attacks on the Chessmaster are called off. This is his decision because he knows that Hex has been entertaining Ed. After a week of playing chess, Hex wins against Edward and is seen either sleeping or dying after admitting that Ed was one of his best opponents.

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